Customer Testimonials

'I have only used Copperbrite for the past 8 years, fully recommended. My house has years of collection of brass and copper. I am sure they will deliver close where you are, they did for me!!!' - Lyn

'When will it be convenient to get some Silverbrite? Desperate!' - Ann

'Please I need Silverbrite!' - Sandy

'You better not disappear soon because I do not know what else I will clean with. I am most impressed with the Silverbrite product'  - Annalize

'Wonderful product for cleaning silver jewellery.' - Truus

'Thank you. Got my Copperbrite!' - Ester

'I can't live without it! [Copperbrite]' - Sandra

'Dear Copperbrite. I just want to thank you for an absolutely wonderful product. Used it for the first time yesterday...what a pleasure it was to use! Thank you and a lovely New Year to you.'  Sincerely Diana